Take Aways of PR / by Jon Apolonio

Honestly as much as I don’t like writing, I had a lot of fun and learned from this class. I wanted to say thank you Garth for being a good teacher and teaching us the industry of public relations and many other things in life. I am definitely going to take away a lot from what you have taught us in class. Especially to show up as the best as you can be no matter what the situation is. Even when it came to the small details of sending out direct contact and press releases. Honestly I wish we had you for the rest of the term cause I feel that their is so much more you can tell us not just in PR but in life. You know how to get you’re point across and I appreciate that.

I don’t really have much to say in this blog post other then thank you for you time and teaching us as you could with such a short time.

Please stay in contact also if you know anyone hiring part time let me know

Jon Apolonio