Street wear shoot with Talia Udsen / by Jon Apolonio


I did recently did a shoot with my girlfriend Talia as a promotion shoot because she is releasing her first EP as an artist. Also with the final weeks of this quarter coming up things have been very hectic for me when it comes to organizing photo shoots and my own portfolio. The hardest thing for me is that finding the right model that I think that would fit the right model. On the side however she had been working very hard these past few months to get everything done and ready for the release party. Since the release party is coming up soon we decided on to do more of a street fashion shoot rather than a studio shoot. Our decision was to come up with 3 different outfits. The first two outfits we chose were more like street wear fashion and the last outfit would be something closer to what she would be wearing on stage. Since we were shooting street wear as well we thought that the best places to shoot is around Chinatown and Gas town. The first two outfit we came up with were great with Chinatown and the last outfit we thought work great in Gas town. In the end we were both satisfied with the end results of the photos. Hopefully next time when we go out it won't be blazing hot here in Vancouver. :)

On a side note when it comes to my portfolio hopefully i'll be able to get all the photos that i want in my portfolio because time is cutting it close. Only a couple more shoots to go then some printing and ill have everything done.