Introduction / by Jon Apolonio

Hey everyone  my name is Jon Apolonio originally from Calgary, AB but just this past year i moved to Vancouver, BC to pursue my passion for arts and design. Originally I was going to the University of Calgary for engineering but just over the past two years i thought that I would be able to make a career out of my photography. A lot of my friends have always wanted me to take photos for their instagram so I thought to myself why not charge for it. And from then on that's how i started to take photography as a career. As a teenager I've always been interested in fashion in the sense that the way they are posed and styling have always wanted to take pictures of it. Another thing within High-end fashion photography is take photos of runway collections. Not necessarily the runway itself but the environment and take pictures of the celebrities, designers, and to see what other people are wearing. As of right now I am working at clothing store as a photo assistant and a photo retoucher. For my photography business however with my customer base now i like to connect with them personally before hand to discuss the shoot and what their take on fashion is now a days. I do this will all of my customers because I feel that when it comes to the photo shoot the whole crew that is involved feels comfortable. I can have a free conversation with them during the shoot and make the models feel comfortable with their poses or if i need to instruct them on how they need to pose. In the future I want to work for an Editorial company called Hypebeast. In order to secure employment I would have to move to either South Korea, L.A, New York or Japan.  For being a photographer at Hypebeast they offer a lot of different options because they cover a lot of different categories. But I would want to work in their streetwear and fashion categories. Another option that Hypebeast offers is that you can apply for an internship to shadow one of the photographers that already work there. And from then on after a year the decided if they want to keep you or not. Another option for me would be to go work at High Snobiety as a photographer for their fashion and streetwear category. That's all for my introduction. Go check out my 3 minute vlog for my market class haha



Jon Apolonio